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The UN relates the Haiyan cyclone to climate change

Yeb Sano, Philippine commissioner for climate, called on developed countries to finance climate change measures and to support those affected by natural disasters. "The Philippines is the second most vulnerable country by global warming, with 22 typhoons a year on average, it generates untenable impossible to cover damage," said the delegate Efe. One of the challenges of this summit, which ends on November 22, is to get funding to compensate for the damage that emissions of industrialized countries cause in developing countries.

Experts stress the impact of warm oceans in the formation of typhoons, which is related to carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere. A tropical cyclone's intensity depends on two factors: the temperature of the ocean surface and the vertical wind intensity difference between low and high levels of the troposphere. Typhoons need sea water with temperatures above 28 degrees Celsius. "In the days before the formation waters came within 31 degrees Celsius," said Jorge Olcina, spanish researcher.

The Hayian typhoon that has left the Philippines destroyed and has caused more than 10,000 victims.

Ángela Redondo Castellanos e Amanda Rotger Salvá

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